Willie Nelson was one of my first figures I carved out of wood. I had to use bleach to lighten up his hair.

Who says women are complicated   ....   I can see right through them.

Making of Eric the Zombie. I used storm door springs in the arms.

Johnny started with many pictures  of his face glued on poster board.  Jeff Duham talks to David and Johnny at a convention.

​​​​Ventriloquist David Turner and ​Friends

and now ....a bunch of random photos of wooden friends I made in my life.

No, that is not an accordion in his mid-section , it's a toilet plunger.  This one I used wood stain instead of paint.

Jimmy Durante is all wood even his hair.

Tad Short waiting for his wife, Ima Short, to be made.  Now they both just sit , wasting the day away, watching TV.

Harley loves motorcycles just like Mike Wolfe from "American Pickers".