Interview: Talk For Two with Matt Bailey

Video of how I craved out Jimmy D. and the first time out.

Elvis deposits a song during a bank's Christmas party.

2017 Smithville Fiddlers Jamboree

       Novelty Contest  (1st Place)

​​​​Ventriloquist David Turner and ​Friends

​​ Here you will find three videos using Axtell puppets .  Axtell Expression Inc. video contest.  (1) 2007 Slow Down   (2) 2008 Great Balls Of Cheese  (3) 2010 Already Gone

2018 Smithville Fiddlers Jamboree

       Novelty Contest (2nd Place)

Tennessee State Fair 2018

Stella wants her Santa Baby!

Performance at the Fellowship of Christian Magicians Conference.

Fake Movie Trailer with my IPad. Just having fun in my dummy room.

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